Management Consulting


Management expertise can be a difficult service to procure for many business organizations. It  can be a tedious process to identify what is adequate to treat the individual problem faced. Here at TJC our approach to service includes what is called the doctor-client consulting model (based on the doctor-patient consulting model primarily found in the medical profession). This means that we advise and recommend solutions using a very specific process at a specialist level that provides diagnostic results derived from human (qualitative) and non-human (quantitative) data. The firm has also coined an analysis within our service which we call management forensics and is defined as:

  • The application of the science of management in a legal or regulated occupational setting inclusive of integrated multidiscipline leadership and formal professional management, operations debate, or argumentation.

The utility of our confidential case-oriented method gives our clients a specialized consulting package where doctoral expertise is applied. We respect the doctrine of professional consulting and maintain ethical principles necessary to serve the general public properly. Essentially we go about the process of consulting via a matrix that includes the doctor, expert and even process consulting in almost all cases of service. Our experts and specialists are able to provide high-level facilitations as well as applicable necessary detailed interventions.


We apply doctor-client consulting to the following services:

Please contact our firm for more information on our proprietary application of this model and how it can meet the needs of your business, leadership and management issues.

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