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Thank you for visiting our company website. We appreciate your understanding that we are in the process of updating various sections of these corporate web pages. Therefore, some areas of services will have more descriptions shown soon. If you are looking for a particular service that says “description coming soon” please revisit the page another day, or send us an email, or give us a call with any inquiries you may have regarding your pending consulting service needs.


Johnson Professionals, Inc. is a professional consulting firm with a number of specialty business divisions operating within four sectors focusing on various types of professional services for our clients.  Through a highly talented group of subject-matter expert advisors and professional specialty consultants, the company offers a wide range of services. Our professionals get deeply involved in the design and management of elegant architectural, engineering, and construction projects as well as more specific managerial concerns in other general business organizations. We provide a range of offerings from residential and commercial building design and construction, LEED administration, certified construction contract administration, and program and project management to more specific management consulting details in many types of businesses. JPI provides these corporate consulting services within these four sectors:

  • Consulting Management | Technical | Scientific | Business
  • Building Design | Architecture | Engineering | Construction
  • Education : Teaching | Training | Coaching | Doctoral Mentorship
  • Research : Industry | Academia | Data Collection & Analysis


It is one thing to have a good mission for business. It is another to have a core focus that guides the mission. We believe our focus involves a purpose and cause that is of a helping nature to others. Providing unique results as opposed to pre-packaged solutions is where we work with our clients through our specialized consulting model. It is a combination of the best consulting approaches in the industry but with a flare of scientific thought to substantiate recommendations and advice offered to each client. Please visit our consulting section for more details on the various service areas.


In conjunction with our core focus within our four business divisions and sectors, the firm incorporates five core values that define our professional services:

  • Professionalism
  • Communication
  • Dedication
  • Expertise
  • Respect

The main objective is to make sure our services remain on this track as it pertains to any program or project we deliver as part of our client-service quality assurance.

As a consulting practice, Johnson Professional’s mission is to offer clients specialized service to match specialized needs that go beyond basic services for general solutions. 509We work closely with our clients to be sure that all phases of work are agreed to before proceeding to subsequent stages prior to final deliverables. As an overarching enterprise consultancy, Johnson Professionals, Inc. has a practice with a composition of consultants who integrate counseling and coaching approaches so that both personal and social well-being gets included in the business cases addressed. This is an important component missing in consulting today. Please visit each of our business sectors to learn more about each area of practice in more detail and how we may serve your particular needs.

Thank you for visiting our company and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


We are conveniently located in the Metropolitan Detroit, MI region.

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